There are different levels of employment at the Black Cow each with it’s own responsibilities and expectations. Starting with entry level and moving through management.

Entry Level: $12-$13.00/hr. Little to no retail experience. Entry level is the starting position at the Black Cow. Responsibilities include basic customer service, learning and performing all store activities as well as developing an understanding of coffee, espresso, and all drink preparations including the espresso machine operations. Friendly, outgoing personality with a motivation to learn a must.
Sales Person: $13.00-$15.00/hr. Experienced sales person with all knowledge of Black Cow daily operations. Full knowledge of Coffee, all coffee drinks and full understanding of Espresso machine operations. Responsible, knowledgeable customer service, able to answer most questions and deal with most store situations.
Shift Manager: $15.00-$20.00+/hr. Responsible for all aspects of daily operations, including developing relationships with customers, training, setting examples for and being responsible for other employees of shift including, physical appearances, morale and customer service. Maintaining drink quality, maintaining store cleanliness. All necessary items attended to for the next shift. Having a full understanding of closing and opening the store. Maintaining inventory and developing relationships with vendors. Understanding and ordering all baked goods, retail items, store supplies as needed. Taking ownership of the store and being responsible to all aspects of daily operations. When you’re on, you’re it!

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