Coffee Descriptions
Currently Serving up at The Black Cow Croton...........
*All of our Decafe is Swiss Water Process (SWP) and Royal Select Water Process unless otherwise noted.
Regular Caffeined

Peru Chanchamayo

Indonesian Sulawesi Toraja
Mingus Java
Mexican Altura Estate

Colombian Supremo

West Coast French Roast
Bali Blue Moon Estate
Genethas Cabin
Burundi Estate
Mexican Estate
Italian Roast
Italian Roast
Nicaragua Estate
Ethiopian Harrar
Papua New Guinea Kimel
Uganda Bugisu AA  
French Roast
Black Cow Blend
Indonesian Sumatra
Guatemala Hue-Hue Tenango  
Currently Serving up at The Black Cow Pleasantville...........
Regular Caffeined De-Caffeined
Guatemala Antigua Colombian Supremo
Uganda Bugisu AA Ethiopia Harrar
Papua New Guinea French Roast
Black Cow Blend Indonesian Sumatra
Italian Roast
Indonesian Sulawesi Toraja
Italian Roast
Ethiopia Harrar
French Roast
Nicaragua Chanchamyo
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