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Coffee Characteristics

All of the coffee growing countries lie approximately 20 degrees north and south of the equator all the way around the world. Two varieties: Robusta is the lesser grade grown mostly at elevations around 2-3000 feet. Major commercial coffees are almost all robusta. Arabica is the specialty grade. Grown from 3-5000 feet and above. Big fully developed beans rich full flavors.

Roaster: Cole Rivers

Full City- All of our regular roasted coffees are what we call full city. Coffee is taken to the second crack in the roast. After beans settle for a day or two the oils start to appear on the tips. Great all around roast.
French- The beans are taken deep into the development, beyond second crack. Darkest roast we do but still has a nice brownish color, nice oil developed over bean surface.
Italian- This is what we use for our espresso. Nice deep brown color, beautifully developed bean, great crema. Not quite as dark as the French to keep the sweetness of the beans present.
West Coast French- As the name implies, West Coast roasting tends to be much darker than East Coast roasting producing a real dark/black and oily bean.

Organic/Fair Trade:

The Black Cow is limited with its ability to roast and sell organic and fair-trade coffees. Most fair-trade coffees are also organic and now with the USDA rules (laws) for processing and selling organic products our space does not conform to the requirements needed for certification. We use to sell organic coffee but now that the rules (laws) have changed our space does not comply with the regulations. The long-term idea is to move the roaster out of the store to a space that can accommodate the certification and then we will be on board. Until then, whenever I see a fair-trade coffee that is not organic I do buy it. Straight up organics will have to wait.
       You notice these days how there is so much “organic” in the supermarkets. I really believe that the new organic rules were set up to allow the big agri-producers to get into the game of “Organic”. Now Dole, Wal-Mart and the huge agri-businesses can put an “organic” sticker on their products because the new guidelines have several classification levels for "organic". Maybe it’s better on the giant, global scale of things moving a little closer to the organic model, but do your homework, what says "organic" will fall into some new classification of “organic”. Find out the real story/source of the product. Some of these foods are pretty scary. Whenever possible best to buy local products/produce where you know the source. When we get to that point documentation will be provided for our organic coffees.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause…….

*Note: Any oils appear a few days after the roast. Out of the roaster the beans have very little if any oil showing, it takes several days to show completely.

Coffees of origin:

Central/South America:

Brazil- Largest coffee producer in the world. Not as much Specialty (Arabica) coffee but good when they do. We pretty much always get either Santos or Monte Carmello (regions). Both are great blenders but alone have a nice nutty flavor medium acid and lite-medium body. Now and then we get an organic Blue de Brazil. Same basic characteristics just a nice cleaner flavor.
Colombian- Big coffee producer. Very advanced processing so always a good clean well developed product. Always Supremo Grade. Coffee production is strictly regulated by the government with Supremo being the #1 quality. Now and then get a Supremo Estate, usually in an organic variety. Medium-full body, medium acid.
Costa Rica- Really good coffee for a small coffee country. Great estates come out of here, usually higher acid, medium body.
Guatemala- Awesome all around coffee producer. Antigua being the most famous region. Very clean nice beans, medium body medium acid.
Nicaragua – As with neighbors great coffees, clean, crisp, delicious. Great estates, medium-fuller body medium acidity.
Mexican- Very nice coffees out of Mexico. If not Estate(usually organic and pretty good) used primarily for blending. Lite-medium body, medium acidity, kind of subtle nutty flavor .
El Salvador- Really wonderful stuff coming out of this little country with a big coffee history. Wonderfully clean, very nice medium bodied with a mellow acidity. A nice clean cup.
Peru- This is consistantly a delicious coffee. Great body and just the right amount of acidity to make it shine. Great for those looking for a good "Regular" coffee.
Panama- Delicious mild higher acid central american beauty. We use this in several blends to utilize the tart acidic taste.
Honduras- This little country has been a major coffee producer for many years but just recenly has really put itself on the map as a producer of great coffee. Award winning crops keep coming out and with the attention should not slow down any time soon. Very complete body to acid balance not too full. Just delicious......


Ethiopian (coffee first discovered here)- Harrar Horse, Yirgacheffe, Sidamo- Great unwashed coffee. Not big beans. Delicious high acid, sweet/sourly flavor, medium body.
Kenya- Always AA grade, usually estate, great coffees. Big clean beans, delicious acidy, winey flavors. Thick full body.
Kenya Peaberry- Like regular Kenya AA very delicious full body with a medium to high acidity with almost a sweet quality to it. A Peaberry is a single bean from a coffee cherry. All coffee beans are actually half of a full bean. This peaberry quality makes for a slightly more complete finish.
Tanzania Peaberry- Peaberrys are an under developed bean. Other countries market them but Tanzania is the most common available to me. Really delicious coffee for an undeveloped bean. Pretty high acid, lite body but great aroma makes for a really good blender. Very popular alone full city roasted.
Tanzania AA-Unlike the Peaberry this coffee has beans that are full sized and chock full of flavor. AA grade is the premium grade out of this beautiful country. Now and then we gat a AAA which is a treat.
Yemen- Wild coffee. People either love it or hate it. Very high acid overcomes the medium/full body. Yemen is at the high end of that 20 degrees north of the equator so beans are really small, sharp, and dirty.
Indian- Only a few coffees come out of India but what does is really unique. Big beautiful bean development, very attractive appearence. Malabar is very light in weight and color due to processing with an incredibly strong nutty flavor. Mysore is a harder bean with a darker green color not quite so nutty yet full of wonderful flavors.
Zimbabwe- Delicious full body sweet acidity much like Kenya AA. Wonderful finish. Nice big bean developement. All around great coffee.
Rwanda COOPAC- This is another great coffee for that fantastic eastern part of Africa. As with Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia Rwanda holds it own with all of them. Sweet, full body with a nice acidity that balances perfectly.
Uganda Bugisu- After years of civil wars Uganda is back on track with their exporting of another delicious example of African coffee. Beautiful beans present a nice full cup with sweet notes that last and last.


Indonesian Sumatra- Great coffee. Indonesia-country, Sumatra-Island. Very full body low acid. Very earthy almost musty flavors.
Java- Island of Java. Delicious coffee. Similar but cleaner flavors than Sumatra. Also low acid and full body not so earthy/musty.
Sulawesi- Another delicious coffee very similar to Sumatra.
Papua New Guinea- Really delicious coffee. Medium to full body slightly high acid but within a good balanced range. Great organics out of this region also.
East Timor- Delicious coffees from this region. We mostly get Aifu Estate and it doesn't fail to please. Wonderfully rich full body with a low acidity makes for a great cup of coffee.
Celebes- The Celebes region of Indonesia puts out some really wonderful coffees. Rich, earthy and nice full flavor.

Bali Blue Moon- The beautiful Island of Bali now is in the Coffee business. Wonderful full body with all the earthy notes found in other Asian coffees.

Myanmar- New to the scene as of around 2016 Myanmar has been producing some very sought after coffees. Sweet/Tangy acidty with subtle fruit notes. Really lovely coffee.


Hawaii- Kona is it. Pretty close to perfect balance between body and acidity. Really delicious coffee just expensive. Some say marketing perfection. Great coffee but doesn’t come cheap.
Puerto Rico- One of my favorites. Perfect, clean coffee, delicious slightly nutty aftertaste medium body lighter acidity.
Jamaica Blue Mt.- Like Kona, delicious perfect coffee marketed to death but it works. Sold in beautiful barrels, no bags here. Very expensive almost too much but again worth the major splurge. Tough to roast because it needs to sell once it’s cooked and it’s too expensive for 95% of the people out there and it goes stale. Good for a treat at holiday times.


Black Cow Blend- 100% Kenya AA. 75% Full city roasted 25% French roasted. Really, really popular. Nice full body with the subtle French after taste.
Sophies Horn- Named after our goat Sophies whose horns were removed and now sit on a book shelf. She’s black and cute as heck. Roasted dark between French and Italian. Half Brazil and the balance usually Panama and Colombian. The nuttiness of the Brazil comes through with the dark flavor. Real popular.
Axels Grease- Started out as half Brazil half Kenya. Trying to figure a name looking at how both coffees come from the east coasts of their particular continent, had lots of corny names, Peggy walks in, tastes and says Axels Grease and it would be no other. I pick a nice full bodied third to bump it up a little. Roasted between full city and French. Beautiful deep brown color. Axel was Peggys grandfather.
Genetha’s Cabin- Changes now and then but always central/south American blend. Always try and balance acid and body to make a good taste. Coffee named after Peggy’s great aunt Genetha. She was a great improve cook on the farm so we figured changing around a little now and then was appropriate for this one as long it tastes good. Roasted to a full city. If you want to know exactly what’s in a particular batch ask Kim, Dylan or Michael.
Sir Pow-Pow- Delicious blend of Asian and South American. Indonesian Java and Nicaragua Estate, equal parts, 1/4 of it french roasted the balance full city roasted. Smooth full bodied with a nice subtle French finish. Thank you Zoe Grant!!
Volume- Full, Loud and delicious. Equal parts of Indian Mysore Nuggets, Indonesian Java Jampit and Mexican Eastate roasted slightly above full city.
Mocca Peat- This is a new one. It sat for a week looking for a name and after much discussions with a monkey theme we finally got to the core and Mocca Peat was born. Equal parts of Yemen Mocca and Brazil Santos/Monte Carmelo. Enjoy......
Mingus Java- Developed for WBGO jazz radio in Newark NJ for the volunteers at their twice annual fund drive. Half Colombian Supremo French roasted half Panama full city roasted. Good balance very popular.
Simpatico- Defined, Simpatico(spanish) means compatible and/or pleasing. Blending 1/4 French Roasted Colombian Supremo and the balance equal parts Full city roasted Tanzania Peaberry and Indonesian Sumatra we have achieved this perfectly. In a nut shell a great cup of coffee.
Pig Food- Classic name and flavor. Developed for the Blue Pig Ice Cream Factory to serve. Half Colombian Supremo half Tanzania Peaberry full city roast. Great blend and very popular.
Mud- Don't let the name fool you. The name just popped into my head and I liked it. After tasting I think you'll have a new appreciation for "Mud". Indonesian Sumatra, Papua New Guinea and Indian Nuggets. Sounds crazy but it works.
Real Deal- When you take Yemen Mocca and throw in a little Indonesian Java you get the real deal "Mocca Java". Delicious full body with a touch of acidity from the Yemen.
C.A.I.- Simply put, Central America is pretty much the perfect enviroment for the cultivation of coffee. We give credit to this coffee producing mecca with a blend. "Central American Inspired"...all central american, all full city roasted....C.A.I...Says it all. Perfect balance of body and acidity, just an all around delicious cup of coffee.
Sly Jimmy Griff Grind - Sly Jimmy....The name says it all. This is a cool smooth coffee. Named after our own "Sly Jimmy Griff" Kim Griffin by Dillon back in '98. It's made up of 2/3 Kenya AA and 1/3 Tanzania Peaberry roasted to a full city. Delicious.
Indopia- This is a marriage between Indian Malabar and Ethiopian Harrar. Very full bodied low acid Indian and medium body high acid Ethiopia. Interesting balance.
Camel Gas- Fun new name and blend. Kind of like the Indopia. Indian Malabar, but instead of Ethiopia we used Yemen. Ethiopia is like the little sister of Yemen. The Yemen is fuller bodied and higher acid. Full blast flavor.
Umami Blend- This blend came about from a collaberation between The Black Cow and Umami Restaurant in Croton. Umami blend filled the bill. 2/3 Kenya AA 1/3 Guatemala Antigua. Wonderful combination, very popular and all around delicious.
Adventure Galley Blend- Captain Kidd had a ship Adventure Galley. This ship sailed the seas looking for adventure. Equal parts of Yemen, Sumatra, and Ethiopia. Nasty good. Very full body and high acid make a great brew.
French Roast- Our French Roast changes from time to time depending what beans I have available. It is always roasted to to a lovely dark oily brown color and always deliciously sweet and full bodied.
Parisian Melody- For all the French Roast lovers. Here's French with a twist. I've taken our regular French Roast blend and combined it with our West Coast French blend...equal parts. A nice full bodied-complex-dark roasted cup.
Peaberry Slick- I had some Tanzanian Peaberry, delicious, not too heavy, sweet acid and great aroma. I wanted to spice it up a little so what better to do that with than the old reliable, full bodied, extra wild, Yemen Mocca Mattari. Equal parts make a great cup of coffee.
Joe- Delicious new blend. Come on in and order a cup of "Joe". 1/3 Costa Rican French, 2/3 Ethiopia Harrar.
Truth- Centuries ago coffee was discovered in Ethiopia. Brazil is the worlds leading coffee producer....Equal parts, full city roasted create a nice slightly nutty coffee with just the hint of sweet acidity at the end. Together we have.......Truth....Delicious!
Smoke- Delicious combination of Indonesian Sumatra and Indian Monsooned Malabar. Equal parts, full city roasted really just tastes soooo good. Nice full earthy body of the Sumatra with the subtle nutty finish of the Indian. Just plain smok-in good.
Full City SwingDelicious blend combining full bold Indonesian Java with the sweet goodness of Guatemala Antigua equal parts, both full city roasted . Together they are a mouth full of "Yum"!
Sweet Relief-What can you say about a coffee with a name like this. Three great African coffees make up this experience. Kenya AA, Ethiopia Harrar and Tanzania Peaberry......Sweet!!.......Fantastic Blend!.
Spherical Variations- T.S. Monk!......Thelonius "Sphere" Monk.......Master of all things improvised, altered and varied in Jazz.....this is my homage to the "Man".....Indonesian Java, Indian Mysore and Kenya AA, equal parts 1/3 french roasted.....down right delicious...
Moon-Shine- Think nice-smooth medium bodied.....I came upon a half bag of Tanzania Peaberry and a half bag of Guatemala Antigua. I looked no further, blended equal parts and Moon-Shine was born. Sweet and smooth. A great cup.
Galvins Fault- Roasting Espresso talking to Brian Galvin I dumped the coffee too soon and there a new blend was created. Nice full body, low acid full city roasted(not italian). Very delicious full flavor.
Roaster Select- Sometimes we create a new blend and can't get a name together right away so we give it "Roaster Select" as a temporary tag. Ask the counter what's in the blend.
West Coast French- I was messing around recently and let a batch go to the far end of dark for kicks. I know there are plenty of people out there that like their coffee black as sin, so for them I present West Coast French. My East Coast French is light compared to the West Coast style.......enjoy...
Frontal Lobe Blend(er!)- Frontal Lobe-Front part of the brain; involved in planning, organizing, problem solving, selective attention.........Enough Said!.....French Roast blend without the french roast......Full and delicious.....
Italian(Espresso Blend)- Changes now and then depending what's available but mostly try to work with Indonesians, Brazils, Indians, and balance with nice full bodied lower acid. Delicious, sweet and great crema.
Love Supreme- John Coltrane inspired, "Love Supreme" generally considered to be Coltrane's greatest work, as it melded the hard bop sensibilities of his early career with the modal jazz and free jazz styles he adopted later. Our roaster Cole was feeling this when he put it together. Ethiopian Harrar and Kenya Peaberry full city roasted.